Instagram Strategies for Dentists that Deliver

January 21, 2023
January 26, 2024
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Instagram has gained a large young audience, competing against its own counterpart Facebook. Millennials have especially switched to Instagram and Snapchat from Facebook. Instagram is one of the busiest social networking sites to browse these days. Consequently, a good platform for advertising your goods and services. Instagram is a trending platform for dentists to promote their practice and their goods.

The key question is, though, are they succeeding?

So today's article will focus on the approach and appropriate material you should publish to your dental account in order to reach a significant audience.

Do You Have A Business Account?

To start off with Instagram advertising, you first need to create a business account, not just a personal one. If you already have a personal account, you can switch it to a professional account.

Benefits of a Business Account

  • Provides a thorough analysis of the performance of your page or your post. You can even access information about your fans after reaching 100 followers.
  • You can add a contact button that will lead your followers directly to your mail, contact number etc.
  • You may add links to your posts or stories of your youtube channel too.
  • By tagging your products on the post, you may add posts where you can sell your goods. Your articles will also acquire a buy now button.
  • You can restrict access to your post for those who are under a certain age by adding an age restriction.

What can you post on IG to have good results?

Although people are using social media platforms to advertise their businesses these days, it is also advisable to use them to build customer relationships with existing and potential patients.

Things To Consider

  • Create posts that are engaging.
  • Use trending hashtags always.
  • Use poll stickers, slider stickers, emoticons, mention stickers, etc.
  • Reply to every comment (ignore the negative ones).
  • Self-comment on your own post first.

So here, I will be discussing various types of posts that you could share on your Instagram page to obtain the desired results:

1. Instructive Articles Or Videos That Teach

As a dentist, you have a vast amount of knowledge to share with your patients. You may write an instructive post, article, or insightful video debunking dental myths, offering some useful dos and don'ts, and describing certain dental treatments. You could even recommend contemporary or authentic goods that are or have been successful. Sustaining audience engagement should be your primary goal.

2. Include Your Staff

Inform your patients about the personnel they will interact with or meet through your account. Your patients' comfort would be substantially enhanced by this. Share team selfies on your account with the hashtag "#teamselfie." You may also list the positions or titles that each of your staff holds.

3. Share Consumer Feedback

Sharing customer reviews of your services and goods is crucial. To build trust with each of your patients, or even the new clients you're aiming for, you can provide screenshots, images, or even videos detailing the fantastic feedback you've already received for your Delta services.

4. Pre And Post Images

before after dental images for social media marketing

The finest postings to make to engage your patients and win their trust are those that provide before and after photographs. Document your patients' before and after pictures consistently to show your audience the caliber of your services.

5. Arrange A Contest And A Reward

Want to boost your online presence and attract new patients? Organizing and promoting contests on Instagram is a fun and effective way to do just that! Not only will it increase engagement on your page, but it also gives potential patients the opportunity to learn more about your practice and the services you offer. You can also advertise a fun contest or engaging giveaways to draw more people to your website and to your clinic.

6. Polls Or Q&A  

Using Polls for Dental IG Posts

By soliciting feedback and suggestions from your audience, you can engage them more effectively. Query your audience and invite their responses in the comments section. You can also upload articles or posts with polls or emoticons to solicit suggestions in your inbox.

7. Share Fun Times

Share all the enjoyable activities you engage in with your coworkers, patients, and the community in and around your clinic. Even your joint gatherings, activities, and holiday celebrations must be shared. This will demonstrate how jovial everyone is and the setting in which they will receive their care.

8. Behind The Scenes

Everyone enjoys learning more about the making of a film, a television show, or their doctor. You can upload a film that shows all the preparations you make before welcoming your patients, how you dress up your waiting area every day with flowers, how you stock the front desk with everything the patients need, and how roomy and well-stocked your clinic and waiting area are. Share whatever you discover to be your USP that can set you apart from your rivals.

9. Share What Your Patients Shared

When you consider how concerned or devoted your patients are to you, it seems so overwhelming. Share the screenshots where your patients posted pictures of themselves getting treated, the outcomes of their treatments from you, or even if they posted a selfie with you on your page, and do not forget to tag your patients in such posts. This will demonstrate your relationship and attract more patients.

10. Go Casual

Not everything needs to be formalized just because you have a business account. Just be casual from time to time, share photos of the clinic's pets (or even your own), memes, photographs from a casual Friday at the clinic, and motivational quotes, and don't forget to include trending hashtags in every post you make.

11. Collaborations

If possible, try to collaborate with other influencers who are somewhat associated with your field or can help you grow, and you can help them too. Give a shout-out or share about their products on your page and ask them to do the same for your products and services.

You may provide your collaborating partner with free dental care, offer significant discounts to their followers who come to your clinic, and request that they do the same for your clients. This will significantly increase your traffic.

Instagram can advance your dental work to unheard-of levels. All you have to do is continue studying and investing time in it. Try the above-mentioned suggestions; they will certainly be helpful. Then, continue to monitor and follow the trend by trying new and intriguing ideas for your account. "Post-story-reel-hashtags" are the rage right now.

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