Social Media Automation

Our automated solution creates custom content for your social media platforms that helps save time for your dental practice and improves your ability to engage online.

Make Managing Your Social Media Accounts a Breeze

We know how time-consuming creating social media content can be. Supplement your efforts with custom-generated social media posts catered to your dental office. Our automated solutions are customizable for your practice. You can review and edit all generated content to align with your brand, promotions, and needs.

Want to save time and improve your social media presence?

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Optimize your dental practice's social media

Grow your social media following and reach with relevant and engaging custom posts that can be posted on major social media platforms.

Avoid writer's block

Creative content ideas are a click away with our solution. No more wasting time thinking up the perfect post.

Post more consistently

Scheduling consistent social media posts saves time and improves engagement from followers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Customize your posts

Automated content is completely customizable. You can edit each post to suit your dental practice's goals and style.

How visible is your practice?

See what you might be missing and learn what GrowthPlug can do for you.

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"Abby has been in constant contact and reminding me of what I need to complete on my end which is great. Being a parent and a practice owner, things slip past me every now and again and it is great to have someone be on top of things for you."

Louis C.

"GrowthPlug is amazing! Sara is so easy to work with and she truly cares about her clients. She always gets things done in a timely manner and she is quick to respond to my emails. They have helped grow our practice immensely over the past year we have worked with them. We would recommend GrowthPlug to anyone!"

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