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Yes, You Read it Right! This book brings to you all the ‌ideas and techniques you need to make your dental practice a massive success.

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About the book

Research by Ruler Analytics showed that marketing teams in the cosmetic and dental industry averaged a 2.3% conversion rate. However, top performers in the industry had conversion rates of up to 23.1%. Clearly, there is a gap that needs to be bridged.

All About Dental Marketing is a book crafted to bring ‌dental marketing ideas, tips, tricks, and hacks in one place. This will make it easier for dentists and practice managers to apply the best practices and take advantage of quick hacks. We divided the book into key areas like social media outreach, email marketing, search engine optimization, online reputation management, and more. So that, you can easily pick up the areas that interest you first. To make it easy to understand and inspire you, we have also added examples of dental practices that have done a good job applying such marketing best practices. We constantly add new topics to the eBook to ensure that it’s at par with industry norms.

Whether you want to bring more patients, generate more reviews, or even create a premium service experience, we got it all covered. All About Dental Marketing also shares productivity hacks and metrics that you should use to streamline your operations and understand how your efforts are translating into success.  

When we started writing this book, our first thought was to create a “quick hack guide” like our last one because that became quite popular with our audience. Dentists loved how we shared over 15 quick hacks that they could apply and get instant results. But then, we thought to take a deep dive into the industry, conduct in-depth research and create something that solves both long-term and short-term goals.

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What’s inside

Social Media Strategies: Social media posts & promotion ideas
Website Essentials Checklist: 5 absolute musts for every practice website
Productivity Hacks: Create a better patient experience
Easy Review Generation: 3 surefire ways to get more positive reviews
Email Marketing Ideas: Who, when, what and why of emails
Local SEO Tips: Become #1 on search engines organically

Chapter 1

Creating a consistent brand experience

A brand helps distinguish your healthcare practice from others, it gives personality to what you do and who you are, and a strong branding strategy can help patients remember everything about their experience.

Be consistent: Use the same bio and cover photos across all social media platforms.

Create your own graphics: Leverage every opportunity to create your own graphics. For example, on Instagram, you can edit the cover photos of your story highlights.

Emphasize your brand colors: Emphasizing your brand colors will help create an aesthetic feel to your social media profile and posts. Aim at incorporating your brand color wherever possible.

Sharing Testimonials

The most common mistake seen with dentists sharing testimonials is unsightly before and after pictures – you want the audience to know what great work you do for fixing teeth, but few react well to these images.

Instead, ask patients who leave reviews at your office or on social media to give screenshots and video testimony instead of you writing them out on their behalf, as this will make sure no one sees an uncomfortable photo first thing from a review.

Share live or limited-time content

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is a real thing: people don’t want to miss whatever it is that you’re sharing because they don’t want to feel like the only person who didn’t take part.

This type of content is broadcasted live, and viewers can engage by reacting or commenting in real-time. Both Facebook and Instagram push the Live videos to your profile after the broadcast ends.


Our aim is to help you generate 10 to 20 more patient appointments in a week by investing just 15 minutes a day. We keep updating the content so that every information shared with you is fresh and relevant. Digital marketing is evolving and we match with its pace by creating content for you that is actionable and promises results. Rest assured that we have made all necessary updates to keep strategies relevant. Consider this as the GrowthPlug’s seal of trust and reliability. We hope you enjoy the content.

Contrary to my expectation there is barely any sales pitch in the book. It’s purely content-driven, and the company is sharing such value consolidated info without expecting you to make any purchases

Dr. Sharon Richard Smith

I like how this book is short and to the point. I didn’t want to go through the whole philosophy of marketing and get right to actionable strategies. It worked like a charm.

Dr. James Hendrick

I like how this dental marketing eBook shares not just marketing other hacks as well related to productivity, metrics, and more! These additional tips were a bonus ‌I didn’t even anticipate.

Dr. Amit Pundit

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