Front Desk Automation

Simplify day-to-day front desk operations and organize your resources more efficiently with GrowthPlug’s automation solutions to enhance patient experience, web analytics and appointment scheduling.

Make your dental office more efficient

Your front office is busy. We help simplify their workflow so that they can focus more time on delivering patient care. We designed a series of tools that equip your dental office to grow, improve patient experience and manage your practice.

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Manage appointments

Manage patient appointments easily using a modern appointment scheduling software.

Get robust analytics

Gain access to powerful analytics to better analyze website traffic trends and patient calls to understand patient needs.

Recall patients

Schedule newsletter content and send email campaigns to educate patients as well as to engage them.

Reduce paperwork and phone calls

Digital forms make it easier for your dental practice to capture information securely, without the added complications of phone tag and paper storage and disposal.

How visible is your practice?

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"Growthplug has been really good! they have been extremely thorough, easy to reach and also offered a lot of one on one to their clients. They make the process of creating an online platform extremely easy!"

Stacy H.

"Our experience with GrowthPlug has been amazing so far. Very easy and informative. Very helpful account rep and we don't have to struggle to reach someone for any help we need. we are looking forward to continuing business with GrowthPlug and highly recommend them."

Shaimaa-Carlston Dental Group