Intelligent Analytics

Access your dental practice's website and marketing performance in a central dashboard with intelligent insights.

Get Smarter About Your Dental Practice's Performance with Data

Interpreting your website data and marketing performance is easier said than done. Many analytics solutions offer too much, or too little information to support your practice. Our analytics solution puts everything in one place so you can understand how your website, local seo, appointment requests, and reviews are performing and take action to grow your practice.

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Build a customizable dashboard

Choose the information you want to see, where you want to see it—from sources of new patient acquisition to appointment requests.

Analyze keywords

Learn what terms patients are using to find your website. Take action to take advantage of insights.

Understand page performance metrics

Get visibility into which pages are attracting patients, understand which topics to share more content about.

See what attracts new dental patients

Visualize the channels that are attracting the most new patients. From social media, to online directories and google search.

How visible is your practice?

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Collin D.

"I love this product! The GrowthPlug dashboard is so easy to use and we love being able to see all of our analytics. The review feature has helped our practice so much in a short amount of time. Highly recommended Isabella!"

Tammy M.

"We love the GrowthPlug software! We love the reviews, analytics and how user friendly everything is. We are able to edit our website ourselves which we makes it easy for us. Highly recommend this product to any health care practice! We are on the elite package and it’s everything we need."

Ieh E.