Dental conferences are not just a place where people get together and talk about dentistry. It is so much more. It is a great chance to socialize and network, find new technologies, collaborate, etc. You should not pass on an opportunity such as this. 


Advantages of attending dental conferences:


1. Networking

The people you meet and talk to at conferences are from the same industry. This means that they are your peers. And you should connect with them, professionally and personally. That can open up a lot of opportunities for you in the long run.


2. Social media content

If you are on social media (and you should), conferences present a great opportunity for you. You can use the conference for your material. Plus, you can collaborate with other professionals to expand your audiences.


3. Discover new research, trends, and technologies

Since the speaker of the conference is the best in their fields. You will gain insight into their thought processes. And you will learn about new techniques and technology in the industry. Additionally, conferences are a great way to see current trends.


4. Upskill with your peers

Most conferences have courses and workshops you can participate in. Therefore, you can hone your skills. And you can easily upskill. Additionally, you will be able to have an interactive experience since the conference is live. And get a chance to talk to peers about business.


5. Market your practice

Visibility means awareness. The more someone sees your brand, the better they remember it. So, it becomes important to go to conferences regularly. So you can boost the visibility of your practice. Plus, the better your brand performs, the more collaboration you’ll get.


How to make the most of your conference:


1. Plan ahead

Dental conferences have limited seats. Therefore, you should book as soon as you can. Check the date. Then block it out in your calendar and book your seat. Check flight dates and timings. And book a hotel if the conference does not provide a room. Having all logistics thought out and covered means you can relax when you touch down for the conference.


2. Try out different activities

Don’t spend all of your time in the presentation room. Have a look around the exhibition. And participate in activities. Plus, you can enroll in workshops. Lectures might be great to get you thinking. However, involvement and participation are the best teachers. Moreover, you can use it as an excuse to talk with people.


3. Talk about collaborations and mentorships

When you go to the conference, do not spend all your time in small talk. It might be easy to talk about travel and the weather. But you should try to connect with people on a more meaningful level. Plus, the people you connect with will be your future monitors, mentees, collaborators, business partners, etc.


Here are the top dental conferences in 2022 and 2023.


1. National Dental Association Annual Convention

Last Held On: 14th July 2022 – 17th July 2022

Location: Phoenix, Arizona


The National Dental Association addresses dental issues faced by people of color and their communities. Also, the organization promotes oral health by advocating for students of color. And it provides them with mentorship and scholarships. moreover, a few of their partners for this convention are the American College of Dentists, Colgate, Henry Schein, Wells Fargo, the AARP, and the American Dental Education Association, among a few.


2. Kois Center Annual Symposium

Last Held On: 21st July 2022 – 23rd July 2022

Location: Seattle, Washington


Dr. John Kois was the primary presenter at the conference. He presented a review of current literature, protocols, restorative dentistry and implants, and dental practices. The Kois Center is also conducted a Clinical Instructor Program, Family Program, Youth Program, and several Social Events.


3. AGD

Last Held On: 27th July 2022 – 30th July 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida


The Academy of General Dentistry provides an opportunity of networking with professionals. It is also for dental students and dental team members. The annual conference is one of the most reputed conferences in the world. This year’s conference conducted several hands-on activities and provided participants with an understanding of practice management and how to improve it.


4. Southwest Dental Conference

Last Held On: 26th August 2022 – 27th August 2022

Location: Dallas, Texas


Southwest Dental Conference is a great opportunity for networking. And for professional dental education. The conference will host hands-on workshops. Additionally, there are CE courses you can enroll in. Plus, you will be able to see the latest in dental tech. 


5. AADOM Dental Management Conference

Last Held On: 8th September 2022 – 10th September 2022

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona


The American Association of Dental Office Management has speakers like Ross Bernstein, Debi Carand, Angela Davis-Sullivan. Also, Theresa Duncan (MS, FAADOM), Katherine Eitel-Belt (CSP), Geri Gottlieb, etc. Moreover, topics such as dental office management, training for your team, insurance and patient accounts, etc. are covered in this conference.


6. 104th Annual Meeting Scientific Sessions and Exhibition

Last Held On: 14th September 2022 – 17th September 2022

Location: New Orleans, LA


The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons covered 12 topics at this conference. One could see presentations on cosmetics, anesthesia, dental implants, OSA, TMJ, reconstruction, pathology, etc. Kevin Brown gave the keynote speach. He talked about “The HERO effect.” It is the philosophy that separates high-performing people from the rest.


7. American Dental Association (SmileCon)

Date: 13th October 2022 – 15th October 2022

Location: Houston, Texas


The ADA is hosting speakers such as Dr. Josh Austin, Dr. Alan Budenz, Dr. Purnima Kumar, and Dr. Juan F. Yepes. This year the ADA is focusing on design, science and technology, and the business of dentistry. Plus, they have a segment on “Women in Dentistry.” Additionally, you will experience the Shinbori Series and a mock trial with experienced lawyers simulating a malpractice trial.


8. Annual Mid-Continent Dental Conference

Date: 27th October 2022 – 28th October 2022

Location: St. Louis, Missouri


The Mid-Continent Dental Congress is hosting its annual conference. With the likes of Kenneth Abramovitch (DDS, MS), Elizabeth Burns (DDS, RYT 200, CLC), Lane M. Ochi (DDS), etc. Plus, they are conducting workshops and CE courses you can take part in with 30+ nationally recognized speakers. Dentists, hygienists, assistants, office staff, technicians, students, etc. have attended past conferences. Additionally, you can visit the exhibit hall where 100 dental industry representatives will be providing the latest in equipment, information, and advice.


9. AAP 108th Annual Meeting

Date: 27th October 2022 – 30th October 2022

Location: Phoenix, Arizona


The American Academy of Periodontology includes courses and CE courses. This year, they will hold the conferences live. Additionally, they included case studies, technological advances, and innovation. Plus, dental techniques and interactive workshops. Moreover, topics such as emerging concepts, interdisciplinary therapy, oral pathology, oral diagnosis, tissue engineering, reconstruction, etc. will be covered.


10. Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

Date: 10th November 2022 – 12th November 2022

Location: Seattle, Washington


There will be more than 120 lectures for which you can reserve tickets for. And 9 hands-on workshops. The PNDC designed the conference for dental professionals, office staff and management, etc. Plus, speakers such as Kristine Aadland (DMD), Hakan Gem (DDS, Ph.D.), Prafull Das Gupta (BDS, MDS, DMD), Michi Katafuchi (DDS, MSD, Ph.D.), will be present.


11. Crown Council Annual Event

Date: 26th January 2023 – 28th January 2023

Location: Dallas, Texas


The Crown Council aims to help you “Create a Culture of Success” in life and in the profession. With this conference, you will be able to grow your practice. Plus, you can connect with meteors, build a team, and apply learnings to your practice. And improve your work culture. Additionally, there will be a roster of researchers and industry leaders. Plus, hands-on brainstorming and other activities.


12. 7th Edition of International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health

Date: 27th April 2023 – 29th April 2023

Location: Orlando, Florida


The Magnus Group is hosting its conference on density and oral health. Plus, this is a hybrid event. You can join in person or from the comfort of your home. The organization is inviting researchers, academicians, dental professionals, and students to take part in the conference and contribute to it.


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