Driving Dental Practice Growth with Our Top 10 Tips for Lasting Success

February 3, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Patients today have a plethora of options when it comes to dental care. They can just do a quick search on any search engine or ping a friend for dental practice recommendations and receive a handful of options.

This, on the other hand, indicates that learning how to run a popular and successful dental practice comes down to tapping into the key areas, such as excellent patient experience.

With multiple ways to increase patient satisfaction in dental practice, we have shared 10 tips with you below.

1. Create a Remarkable Dental Practice

You need to have that extra something to win customers. Let’s say you have state-of-the-art imaging equipment that helps provide improved patient care. You may talk elaborately about this on your social media or via other means of promotion.

In doing so, you are saying that you have been investing in your practice, which indicates that you invest in your patients’ health. You can consider looking at the top competitors or players in the market and make a study of their top three unique identifiers.

2. Embrace a Healthy and Sustainable Office Culture

Creating a healthy office culture ripples into enhanced patient experiences. Some of the most successful dental practices have built a vibrant culture. Their employees feel proud of the work they do and enjoy coming to work every single day.

Some ways you can build the same is by conducting team-building exercises or outings, engaging in one-on-one with team members, and help them focus on their career goals as well, or nurturing a unique internal culture club.

3. Expand Offered Services

Expanding service offerings can help gain a competitive edge, better meet the demands of patients, and help grow the dental practice by creating new lines of revenue.

Ensure you strike the optimum balance. You would not want to overextend staff or make changes that could negatively impact the overall customer experience.

By considering the resource allocations required to make the change, you’ll be well on your way!

4. Train Your Dental Team

Engaging your dental staff in continuous training is a key component to keeping employees cheerful and productive. Investing in training reflects your investment in their careers and can go a long way in boosting a healthy work culture that breeds success in every step.

5. Improve Patient Referrals

When it comes to expanding the patient base, nothing ever beats a word-of-mouth referral. Trusted recommendations from friends, family members, colleagues, or even the internet can be the only reason why a patient chooses a dental practice over another. S

o, to help encourage more patients to tell others about your services, you have to be proactive in seeking patient referrals. You could try offering referral bonus programs or providing patients with quick links to online review sites. Whichever referral method you choose, do not forget to follow up!

6. Upgrade Your Scheduling System

An advanced dental scheduling system doesn’t simply permit patients to book an appointment. It helps create improved patient flow, maximized productivity, and reduced stress for both staff and patients, contributing to the unmatched customer service that patients desire. T

his is why you must ensure that your dental practice has the most efficient and up-to-date scheduling software.

7. Optimize Working Hours

There are only limited hours in a working day. Maximizing your dental team’s productivity and bookings are keys to success within 24 hours of a workday.

Software, as mentioned earlier, plays a vital role in daily operations, and can break or make a team’s productivity. Managing bookings is another key component to managing the workday.

That’s why implementing patient policies that require 24-hour cancellation notice, an effective fee schedule for missed appointments, or more flexible hours to better serve patients, say early in the morning or into the evening, can help you maximize your and the staff’s time.

8. Flexible Financial Options

Successful dental practices provide patients with a range of payment modes so that most are more inclined to accept treatment suggestions and returns for ongoing dental care. In addition to insurance coverage, convenient financial options typically include cash, debit, credit, and personal check, plus special financing to make sure personal financial circumstances do not interfere with dental healthcare decisions.

9. Target Actionable Goals

Creating attainable goals can help improve employee morale and create an upbeat office environment.

It is never encouraged to set financial goals as it may hurt patient care. However, you can always set inspirational goals that lead to improved productivity and increased revenue for your dental business.

10. Embrace Branded Merchandise

Try researching simple but thoughtful ways you can use to promote your dental practice. The key to making a wise investment is by choosing branded merchandise.

Consider the things that people use in their daily lives. Something they can take with them and that helps solve a common need.

Start following these tips today and you’ll feel empowered to do what works best for you and your dental practice.

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