9 Dental Billing Software Solutions

June 27, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Dental billing is a difficult job made more so by insurance claims and delayed collections.

Dental billing is more than just getting your patients to give you money. Your cash flow dictates your financial strategies, and that is why it is so important.

Unfortunately, the job does not end with writing up a bill. There are insurance claims and collections and taxes to take care of. These jobs are complex and laborious tasks.

All dental clinics have a billing system, but how accurate or efficient is it? Additionally, having a team to manage your finances can get very expensive and it is time-consuming. However, many companies are experts in dental billing and finances.

Here are 9 dental billing companies that have the perfect billing solution for you.

1. eAssist Dental Solutions

It is one of the most commonly known companies. eAssist was founded by dentists who understood the problems that could crop up in a clinic.

The primary advantage of using eAssist is they have no startup fees and a monthly payment plan. You can integrate the software with your practice management software (such as Eaglesoft, OpenDental, etc.).

The company’s services include dental billing, accounting, credentialing, insurance verification, etc.

Additionally, eAssist has HIPAA certification by Compliancy Group LLC. Plus, the company focuses on daily claim submissions and timely appeals to reduce aging so that your finances do not suffer.

It makes income and cash flow consistent and predictable.

2. Avitus Dental

Avitus Group, which handles business services such as payroll, accounting, marketing, and HR, founded the company. They designed a system specific to the industries because they understood that dental practices have unique needs. Avitus Dental provides services such as,

  • Branding and marketing
  • Information technology
  • Accounting, payroll, and tax planning
  • Risk and safety management

Avius Dental provides complete billing and collection services. Additionally, you can remotely access your data through their system and use their in-built analytics options. They also provide team training and recruitment for dental practices.

This solution is perfect for practices that have multiple branches and need all their data on one platform.

3. Dental Claims Cleanup

Dr. Dorothy Kassab is the founder and CEO of Dental Claims Cleanup, with a tag of “a DDS knows what a DDS wants.”

The company is a national dental billing institution with an HQ in New York. The company provides practice analysis, a service that zeroes in on the way of your cash flow problem and gives you a solution to it.

They also handle sales and marketing for practices. As well as practice mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, they help resolve aging, claims correction, and appeals as part of their claims management services.

They are an excellent solution for new practices and old ones.

4. Ceterus

Ceterus provides services to dental clinics and startups.

They use automation to create systems that are tailored to your needs. They create industry-specific solutions to help in accounting. Due to state-of-the-art technology, they have lower costs, greater accuracy, and short response times.

The company also offers analytics and reporting services to its customers, including mobile and web reporting on a dashboard. They categorized their pricing plans into small franchise businesses and small independent businesses.

Within these two categories, you have several payment plans according to the service you want with add-ons you can opt for.

5. Dental Support Specialist LLC

Joe and Mary Beth Bajornas founded Dental Support in 2006. And they offer fully customized solutions to dental clinics.

One service provided by the company is scheduling management with on-call management for patients. Moreover, they also have personnel that can handle phone administration tasks if you are short on front desk staff.

They also handle insurance aging by getting in touch with providers to make sure you get what you are owed. Plus, they make sure that your insurance reports are up to date.

The company also has a team that can take over the conversation of collections and payments for you. They employ specialists that are equipped to handle sensitive issues while keeping your revenue stream in view.

Additionally, they also have programs where they train your employees to do the same.

6. Front Desk DDS

Front Desk DDS assigns you a team of professionals that are trained specifically for the dental industry to manage your front desk and financial operation.

Front Desk DSS is the complete front desk and billing solution for your clinic. They identify areas of improvement in your systems to get you your collections and optimize your cash flow to get you the most out of your practice.

Front Desk DSS offers services such as,

  • Insurance verification
  • Billing and collection
  • Regular follow-ups with patients
  • Inbound and outbound call management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Confirming appointements
Front Desk DSS is the complete front desk and billing solution for your clinic.

7. Prospa Billing

Prospa aims to reduce paperwork for you while boosting your cash flow with effective billing and collection strategies.

Prospa Billing electronically prepares and submits your claims daily. This means that you can improve your revenue with timely submissions and reimbursements. They process all your payments and adjust for insurance for each claim.  

You can also opt-in for their oral surgery billing service. They have expert billers take care of your surgery bills because they know how complicated the process is.

Prospa billing offers:

  • Claim submissions
  • Payments posting
  • Adjustments
  • Denials
  • Appeals
  • Claims processing
  • Aging analysis
Prospa aims to reduce paperwork for you while boosting your cash flow with effective billing and collection strategies.

8. Medusind

Medusind has a complete revenue cycle management; they help you manage your financial operation while streamlining your cash flow.

Medusind uses medical billing best practices to help you reduce costs and boost your revenue. They also help in streaming billing and financial operations with their expert teams trained specifically for the medical industry.  

MedClarity is their cloud-based RCM platform that provides remote access to your data. it also provides analytic insights into your data and reporting on the same.

Additionally, they have a team that can help you make sense of the data to drive impactful decisions.

9. Brady Billing

Brady Billing offers free phone consultations for new clients without mass emails for reminders to flood your inbox.

Brady Billing specializes in Sleep Apnea procedures, treatments, and billing. Since sleep apnea insurance forms and codes differ greatly from other treatments, they also have different systems.

Services offered by Brady Billing:

  • Claims verification (in 24 hours)
  • Pre-authorization and determination
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Electronic claims
  • Denial and appeals
Brady Billing can easily take over your billing for sleep apnea and take a difficult job off your hands.

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