The 6 Best Marketing YouTube Channels for Dentists in 2024

January 19, 2024
January 26, 2024
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The Top Dentist YouTube Channels to Help You Market & Grow Your Practice

In the competitive dental industry, effective dental practice marketing is necessary to reach potential patients in 2024. Luckily, YouTube offers a haven of information to help you devise a marketing plan that works.  

In fact, the free platform has become the go-to source to learn about a variety of topics:  

  • Users upload over 500 hours of video every minute  
  • People watch one billion hours of YouTube videos daily  
  • More than two billion users consume, create, and share content  

With this in mind, you’ll probably encounter plenty of dental marketing strategies on YouTube. But which channels will be the most helpful for your dental practice?  

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your valuable time sifting through videos to find the right content. Here, we've compiled a list of the six best dental practice marketing YouTube channels you should subscribe to in 2024.

Marketing for Dentists: 2024's Top YouTube Channels

1. MGE Management Experts Inc.

Subscribers: 8.18K  

Source: MGE Management Experts Inc. via YouTube

MGE Management Experts is a valuable resource for dentists and dental teams seeking effective practice management strategies. With over twenty years of experience, they offer content focused on stimulating practice growth and return on investment.

Their channel includes:  

  • Advanced methods for acquiring prospective patients, crucial for practice growth and marketing success  
  • Techniques for responding to negative online reviews, an important aspect of online reputation management  
  • Guidance on creating a welcoming and efficient office environment, enhancing patient satisfaction and retention

Source: MGE Management Experts Inc. via YouTube

MGE's YouTube channel offers practical tips to enhance practice management and marketing, backed by decades of industry experience.

2. Dental Economics

Subscribers: 9.7K  

Dental Economics is a publication that combines clinical knowledge with business acumen. Its YouTube channel is a valuable resource for dentists looking to grow their practices, offering:  

  • In-depth discussions on practice management, crucial for effective marketing and business growth  
  • Insights into new dental technologies and trends that can inform marketing strategies  
  • Analyses of industry shifts and their impact on dental marketing approaches  
  • Tips on dental office design and ergonomics, aiding in creating an appealing practice environment for patients  

Dental Economics' channel keeps you ahead in a competitive market with the latest marketing techniques and business practices.

3. Dr. Anissa Holmes

Subscribers: 5.52K  

Dr. Anissa Holmes is a popular dental consultant and co-founder of Dentalflix, a continuing education platform for dentists. Known for helping practices grow their businesses, her channel offers marketing insights and educational videos like:  

  • Strategies for increasing practice profits and scaling efficiently  
  • Team leadership and management techniques for greater practice success  
  • Techniques to increase patient treatment acceptance  
  • Ideas to improve community and patient engagement  

Dr. Holmes' YouTube channel dives deep into the realms of effective marketing, team empowerment, and patient communication. With her approach, you can build a thriving, patient-centric business.

4. Keating Dental Lab  

Subscribers: 16.6K  

Keating Dental Lab, known for innovative dental laboratory products and services, offers a wealth of information on its channel. Its YouTube content enhances dental practices through:  

  • In-depth discussions and insights on various clinical subjects, product usage, and dental procedures  
  • Dental Practice Enhancer videos that offer practical marketing tips for dental practices  
  • The Dental Up Podcast, featuring industry leaders discussing modern dental topics, including marketing strategies  

Keating Dental Lab's YouTube channel offers dentists valuable insights into advanced dental technologies and effective marketing strategies.  

5. Smile Influencers

Subscribers: 635K

Source: Smile Influencers via YouTube

Run by Dr. Sami Shahhal, Smile Influencers provides informative content for dental patients and providers alike. It empowers viewers with knowledge about dental procedures, tools, costs, and more. The channel covers a variety of topics, including:  

  • Resources (like social media groups) for practice ownership tips and personalized mentorship opportunities  
  • Ideas for how you can use social media to attract more patients and show up in search results
  • Personal experiences with practice ownership and the journey towards growth  
Source: Smile Influencers via YouTube
With Dr. Sami’s tips, your practice can effectively enhance patient engagement and leverage social media for effective marketing.

His channel is a beneficial resource for any dentist looking to modernize their practice and navigate today’s competition.  

6. American Dental Association

Subscribers: 60.8K  

The American Dental Association (ADA) is a major voice for oral health in America. It serves over 162,000 members, offering valuable resources for dental professionals. The ADA's YouTube channel includes a focus on marketing for dental practices, with:  

  • Videos providing practical tips on marketing dental services and patient communication  
  • Resources for patient education, important for growing and maintaining a patient base  
  • Information on how to integrate the latest dental topics, including marketing strategies, into your practice  

You'll gain access to up-to-date, reliable information, helping you improve your practice’s marketing and patient care.  

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