Top 9 YouTube Channels Every Dentist Should Follow for Insights and Trends

October 2, 2022
January 26, 2024
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YouTube is one of the most popular sites among many demographics. It hosts a plethora of content on it from all imaginable industries. Plus, all the content on YouTube is user generated.

Since the platform hosts various types of content, it also has a diverse audience. The platform has over 2 billion users. People upload over 500 hours of content in over 80 languages per minute.

And a part of this hosted content is aimed at dentists. Therefore, YouTube is home to educational content. And this is why many dentists and dental organizations use YouTube to provide information and connect with the professional community. Therefore, it becomes essential for dental practices to follow dental YouTube channels to keep in the knowhow.

Here are the YouTube channels a dentist should follow:

1. American Dental Association

ADA Youtube Channel for Dentists
Source: American Dental Association via YouTube

Subscribers: 53.1K


The ADA is America's professional association for dentists. They promote public oral health through various publications, conventions, and YouTube. The association provides support to dental professionals and practices through advocacy, research, guidance, and insurance resources. They have also helped dental practices get back in the swing post-Covid-19. Additionally, their YouTube channel hosts videos about clinical insight, patient resources, motivational and informational videos, and how-tos. Plus, a part of their material is aimed at the public, so you can create a playlist for your patients to educate them on your dental needs.

2. 3M Oral Care

Subscribers: 24K


3M Oral Care is a company that provides a plethora of dental. They also have many oral wellness products. Plus, it is an industry leader. They have also developed revolutionary dental solutions for dental practices. Additionally, they have dental guides that cover clinical, professional, and personal topics.

Plus, their range of content on their YouTube channel includes:

  • Product testimonials,
  • How-to,
  • Information on procedures and treatments,
  • General oral health information for the public,
  • And various techniques and applications

3. Dental Economics

Subscribers: 2.39K


Dental Economics is a leading dental practice management journal. They produce print and digital journals. The journal debuted in 9110 as Oral Hygiene. They later transitioned to Dental Economics in 1967. Plus, the organization launched its YouTube channel in 2014.

And since then, they have provided content on:

  • Marketing tips,
  • Medical billing,
  • Controlling supply expenses,
  • New products reviews,
  • Front office training,
  • And effect of science and technology on dentistry

Additionally, they also publish videos of training and education of dental practices and their employees.

4. Hygiene Edge

Hygiene Edge Youtube for Dentists
Source: Hygiene Edge via YouTube

Subscribers: 75.2K


Hygiene Edge was established by three dentists who love to educate others about their profession. They specialize in teaching dentistry with creative videos about new skills, techniques, and products in the industry. Plus, they launch a new video every week on dental tips and tricks. A few topics they cover are:

  • Common errors made in the treatment,
  • Tutorials on ultrasonic,
  • Taking alginate impressions,
  • Overview of dental veneers,
  • And radiographs

5. Henry Schein Dental

Subscribers: 15.6K


Henry Schein is a distributor of healthcare products. They provide dentists and other practices with high-quality tools, equipment, and products. They also help practices improve the quality of patient care and customer satisfaction. Which leads to high revenues. Additionally, their YouTube channel focuses on dental equipment. And arming clinics with knowledge of state-of-the-art equipment and tips and tricks of the trade.

Moreover, they posted a lot of content on how dental practice can navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their products include:

  • Dental equipment,
  • Dental supplies (gloves, teeth aligners, cleaning and polishing products, etc.),
  • Practice management software,
  • And practice services

Their YouTube content includes:

  • Office design resources,
  • Videos about CBCT imaging,
  • Content on treatments and dental services,
  • Information on new technology,
  • And some legal advice on running a dental clinic

6. Teeth

Subscribers: 214K


Better known as Dr. Teeth Academy, Teeth is one of the most popular dental channels on YouTube. They post videos once or twice a week on various topics. Dr. Hine Maik is the person behind Dr. Teeth. Additionally, she creates educational videos for 10 minutes or longer, diving deep into the topic. Moreover, she has an online school (Dr. Teeth PRIME) that conducts courses for aspiring dentists. Her YouTube content comprises of:

  • MDS exams,
  • Implants,
  • And dental treatments

7. All Things Dentistry

Subscribers: 119K


This dental channel shares "unwritten dental tips" that are not taught in dental school. The channel started as a side project during an education program. It quickly turned into one of the most popular dental YouTube channels. They cover various topics, benefitting both new and seasoned dental professionals.

They centered a few of their videos on:

  • Fillings,
  • Casts,
  • And probes and sensors

8. Hack Dentistry

Subscribers: 95.2K


This channel is unique. They create informational videos in a cartoon format to keep their viewers engaged. Plus, Their videos are short (about 7 minutes). So you can watch them in one sitting. Additionally, students can supplement their coursework with these videos.

Plus, it is a good tool to use in-office or inter-training. they cover topics such as:

  • Dentin,
  • Calcifying odontogenic cyst,
  • Diabetes and periodontitis,
  • Hypersensitivity,
  • T-cell and how they recognize antigens,
  • Gingivitis,
  • And phagocytosis

9. Glidewell Dental

Subscribers: 124K


The company provides dental pad services, technology, and dental education. A part of this dental education is their YouTube videos.

Their YouTube channels cover:

  • Arrange denture teeth,
  • Prepare anterior teeth for crowns,
  • Cement zirconia crown,
  • Types of equipment and how to use them,
  • Converting to same-day dentistry,
  • And CAD/CAM

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