Nextdoor is created to allow users to exchange information about any neighborhood or nearby business. You must validate your local address in order to register or join this app, which ensures that the app’s users are genuine. Locals are supported in every way by the NextDoor software. The feedback from this app is highly authentic and reliable because actual neighborhood residents sign up to use it and become members of it. Here people look out for reviews in every possible field such as cafes, restaurants, salons, gardeners, movers, and packers, etc. hope by now you understand why you need a dental Nextdoor company page.

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Why Nextdoor?

  • Being a location-based platform, it facilitates communication with your neighbors. Since people prefer referrals from their neighbors, it is very advantageous for dentists. The more suggestions you receive, the higher your page will rank.
  • Since almost everyone in the US uses Nextdoor frequently, it is a tremendously accessible platform.
  • People firmly believe what the community says about you because this platform is built on word-of-mouth advertising.
  • You may improve yourself by taking action in response to the feedback you get about your dental care and services.
  • With Nextdoor, you can choose the demographic you want to visit your clinic. You can decide where you wish to promote your services.
  • As it will take some time, but you will undoubtedly benefit in the long run, the sooner you begin to construct your profile on this site, the more quickly you will establish a reputation.

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How To Create a Nextdoor Page?

NextDoor UI

  • Download Nextdoor app from the Google Play Store, App Store or site.
  • Select a professional business option.
  • Sign Up, and fill in details like name, email address, postal code, etc.
  • To verify the account add your phone number.
  • Check to see if your business name is already there if not then opt for creating a new business page (pick the dentist category).
  • Add a profile picture. (preferably your own)
  • State your working hours.

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Verification is Important

It’s important to get your page verified, as people trust only recommended or verified pages.

  1. By selecting “my reputation option” on Nextdoor, you can ask your neighbours or other users to leave a review of your dental service.
  2. You have to share this by copying and pasting it into Facebook, emails, Instagram, Twitter, and other online platforms.
  3. You may also run local deal advertisements.

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You Can Create Local Deals Ads On Nextdoor

Nextdoor newsfeed post

  • Click on the Content option on the left side of the menu and click on Create A Local Deal. (choose- buy one get one, percent off, custom deal, fixed discount)
  • Insert Ad Title.
  • Fill in the description.
  • Opt for Duration, Primary Call To Action and Deal Type:

Duration- 7 days, 14 days or Customise.

Primary Button- Call, E-mail or Message Business

Deal Type- Want to purchase online or offline?

  • Add terms and conditions or redemption code.
  • Add a Photograph you desire to add.
  • You may Preview your Local Deal Ad if you like.
  • Choose the neighbourhood you are targeting or people within 10-mile of the postal code.
  • Click on Next option.
  • Add payment details if you are a new user.
  • Now you may click on the Submit Order.

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Community Sponsorship

Your two free posts can be tailored by choosing community or neighborhood sponsorship, which is an additional ad choice. This version enables you to run two different ad types:

  • Information and Suggestions
  • Discussion Initiator

Every neighborhood has a finite number of sponsorship opportunities. However, if they are already taken, you won’t be allowed to run your advertising in that area.

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Make A Newsfeed Post

Nextdoor dental landing pageYou receive two free postings each month when you create a Nextdoor page. You can use the first post of the month to promote deals you’re offering this month or to share pictures of patients who used your services the previous month and describe the outcomes.

At the halfway point of the month, you may utilize the second article to remind your patients about the deals, services, or discounts they are losing out on.

You might also use the second article at the end of the month to remind your clients to make appointments before the next month and to announce any discounts or freebies you will be offering them the following month so that they can make appointments.

Use these postings to inform patients about the services you offer, their quality, your background, where you are located, your accomplishments, and what sets you apart from your rivals. You may also share some helpful advice.

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Tips for success in Nextdoor Posts for Dentists

  1. Get Recommended: Get at least five or more than five recommendations to get more views and higher engagement rate.       
  2. Add Pictures: Adding pictures to the gallery area of your company page and the profile image on your page will draw in a lot of your neighbors.
  3. Post Frequently: After roughly two weeks, post-engagement drops. Try sharing content every two weeks or so to stay visible.
  4. Pick Thursday or Friday: It is typically seen that content released on weekends or the first day of the week fails to garner more attention than content provided on Thursday or Friday.
  5. The Ideal Times: According to local time zones, it is suggested to publish content between 5 pm and 7:00 pm. This time window sees higher engagement rates.
  6. Be Incredibly Responsive: and take note of any comments or replies to your content. Never fail to respond to your patients’ comments or responses to your posts.
  7. Join Appropriate Community: Find relevant groups or communities on Nextdoor and join them to increase your exposure, clientele, and sales of your goods and services.

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Nextdoor is a crucial app for promoting your brand and reputation. You need to establish a positive reputation among people because it uses the real opinions of those close to you, so you must communicate with them effectively and religiously. Once you start receiving referrals, you’ll develop a strong dental practice and attract a sizable clientele.


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