GrowthPlug, a dental practice growth and optimization platform built to help dental practices acquire new patients, raise their local reputation, automate front desk operations, has been named the ‘Best New Practice Growth Software for Dental Practices’ by SoftwarePundit.

“Our team has spent hundreds of hours researching the best software tools for dental practices,” said SoftwarePundit CEO Bruce Hogan. “Having a strong online presence and a website that is easy for patients to find is critical for practice growth. We were pleased to learn about GrowthPlug, and understand its unique approach to helping healthcare practices solve this problem. The platform combines a modern content management system with tools for web presence, appointment requests, business listings, reputation management, and email marketing. 2020 will be an exciting year for GrowthPlug.”

SoftwarePundit is a technology research firm that provides advice, reviews and tools to help businesses successfully adopt technology. They are a team of expert analysts, researchers, and writers who have reviewed hundreds of software vendors in numerous industries including dentistry.

“GrowthPlug offers an all-in-one practice growth and automation SaaS that optimizes every interaction in a patient’s journey from practice discovery to patient experience to recall,” says Sudhir Bhatti, co-founder & CEO of GrowthPlug. “Healthcare practices are looking to simplify their practice operations and enable patients to easily connect with them across different channels. In today’s world, it’s critical for healthcare practices to build a strong brand that attracts the right patient. GrowthPlug enables healthcare practices to build a modern online presence while elevating patient experience and automating patient appointments.”

About GrowthPlug

GrowthPlug is a practice growth and optimization SaaS that is focused on helping healthcare practices accelerate new patient acquisition, manage online reputation, automate front desk operations, and elevate the patient experience. Launched in 2017, GrowthPlug works with hundreds of healthcare practices throughout the U.S. For more information visit

About SoftwarePundit

SoftwarePundit is a technology research firm that provides advice, information and tools to help businesses thrive. The company’s analysts are experts in the technology markets and software they analyze. SoftwarePundit recently released its list of the best dental software. For more information, visit:

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