Assessing the Effectiveness of NextDoor Ads for Dentists

June 30, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Many dental businesses were impacted due to COVID-19. Almost all practices were struggling to bring in new customers and retain old ones.

This presented many challenges to dental practices. So much so that a few had to close their clinics down. While the pandemic restrictions have ended, clinics are still struggling to make up for their loss. Dental practices need a solution to boost their numbers, both revenue and metrics. And this is where NextDoor Ads comes in.

NextDoor offers affordable local ads for businesses. The platform helps connect users to local businesses and practices instantly based on geographical location. You can create posts and groups for hobbies, business, etc. Businesses can build up their profiles and gain a following through posts, recommendations, and reviews.

Plus, all users on the platform are verified, so the chances of fraud and bots are negligible. Since the recommendations and reviews come from verified accounts, you know exactly what you get.

Here are 5 reasons dentists should get a NextDoor Ads account:

1. Get local leads with their hyperlocal platform.

The platform solely focuses on a small community in and around a user to get them local searches.

The user can connect with local businesses and practices instantly. This is great for dentists since most clinics prefer local people and recommendations. The advantage of having local customers is that you can easily market to them.

And your retention rates will perform better if your customers do not have to travel far for their treatments.

2. A new take on word of mouth.

NextDoor is a neighborhood application that is built on a community that is designed to help local and small businesses. Since most dental practices operate on word-of-mouth marketing, the platform is perfect for them.

The platform is a social networking application. It is also a place for businesses to gain clients.

Since the user creates the content, their review is what you can consider to be word-of-mouth. Hence, your advertising customers are now helping you get new clients with their reviews. So while the entire thing is done over an application, at its root, it is word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Easy for new residents to look you up.

There is nothing harder for new residents to look up trusted and good medical practices. It is easier for local people to have a clinic they always go to. Patients are looking for clinics that care about them and doctors they trust and are comfortable with.

With NextDoor, users can easily look up your dental practice and read your reviews. Plus, a business page makes it easier for potential customers to trust you as all the information is on your page. Customers know that your practice is not a bogus one since you are verified.

4. Target your demographic and recommendations.

When a platform provides a location-based recommendation, it becomes easier for businesses to target local demographics. Additionally, users use the platform to find local businesses and events, which means your demographic is actively looking for your services.

And that is why NextDoor Ads is perfect for dental practices. It is easier to sell services to people who are actively looking for them.

Additionally, if you are part of community groups, it becomes easier for you to understand what customers are looking for. And you can easily integrate that into your content and ads.

5. Reviews and reputation.

Review and feedback are a very important part of a business. This includes reviews about the company and services.

Negative reviews give businesses opportunities to improve their processes and treatment. And positive reviews help businesses foster trust with other clients. They act as social proof and testimonials for practices and clinics.

All reviews are given by users. And since all users are verified, there is no chance for bad reviews by competition. These reviews can help you build your reputation as a dental clinic and bring new customers and improve your retention rates.

How to make the most out of your NextDoor Ads.

1. “Organic” or Free ads:

NextDoor gives you two free ad posts a month.

You should treat these posts like you would treat organic social media posts. Make them friendly and conversational, not sale-sy. These can be educational posts or you can offer your advice to the community.

These posts are not the time to sell your services, but they are made for you to connect with your community and audience.

2. Paid ads:

These are the ads you pay for. NextDoor has two types of paid ads that you can use.

One is the "local deals", a promotional service where you can promote your practice with a great deal to get customers. Such deals could include free first services, discounted packages, etc. Deals like this are a great way to get the customer to book their first appointment.

After that, you can focus on your retention rates.The second one is “neighborhood sponsor”. This feature is not available for dentists and dental clinics yet. This feature has a monthly fee and offers businesses new marketing tools and interactions with the local community.

3. Join and participate in relevant groups.

Since the platform is built on community, you should join groups that are relevant to your business and practice. This helps you connect with people with the same interests or professionals within the same industry. Plus, you get to see trending topics in the group.

Building up your reputation within these community groups is one way to promote your services without actively selling them.

4. Interact to boost engagement.

On social media, you should spend at least 30 minutes interacting with other people's posts and comments after you post. This also applies to NextDoor.

Interacting with people helps you build relationships with your audiences and boost your practice awareness. This is another way you can promote your practice without actively selling. This technique is also useful in boosting your engagement metrics.

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