Nextdoor vs. Facebook Marketplace: Choosing the Best Platform for Dental Practice Success

October 2, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Post-pandemic has proved to be trying for many businesses—dental businesses included. However, many dental practices have persisted through the tough times by utilizing online platforms.

A few such platforms include Nextdoor and Facebook’s Marketplace. They are excellent platforms to connect with your audiences and gain new ones.

But, you can not be on every social media platform, it's impossible. Plus, the first few steps of your marketing strategy development cover which platforms you use, and you can only use a few.

The trick is to use enough to reach your target audiences, but not too many that you cannot handle the workload. So, if you had to pick one, which one would you pick?In this article, we’ll cover the “Nextdoor vs. Facebook for dental practices” debate.

Let's first look at Nextdoor in the Nextdoor vs. Facebook debate

nextdoor overview
Source: Nextdoor app

Nirav Tolia founded Nextdoor in 2010 with the aim of bringing the populace of a neighborhood together. User Matthew Tortorella described it as a “local search engine.” and the description couldn't be better.

The platform uses the location of the user to show nearby local businesses. Therefore, you need to be a resident of a locality before you can use the application.

Plus, users know they are getting verified search results since the platform thoroughly vets each person and business. Users have to provide substantial proof of identification and address to use the platform. Which also includes businesses. Therefore, the users and businesses are who they say they are.

How does Nextdoor help you?

Most dental practices want local customers since they are more likely to come on often. Plus, it helps dental practices boost their treatment acceptance rates when they have a rapport with the patient. Moreover, local clinics are convenient for potential clients due to the closeness of the location.

So, how does Nextdoor figure into the process? The platform is hyperlocal, hence it focuses on a small community where the users reside. Therefore, Nextdoor suggests local dental clinics to its users. It is the digital version of “word of mouth.”

The founders designed the platform to help local businesses and residents. Consequently, Nextdoor works on reviews and ratings given by residents, for residents.“How?” is the next best question. Any message or online storefront can only be viewed by users within the immediate area. Therefore, any neighborhood message stays within the neighborhood.

Additionally, users can not share or upvote the messages. This provides confidentiality and security to the local populace. Along with the ratings of dental practices, users are sure that they are connecting with trustworthy dental practices.

Plus, Nextdoor offers free and paid ads to their businesses that you can use to reach out and display your services. Dental practices can also create and join relevant groups in their community through Nextdoor. Such community groups help dental clinics connect with their clients and see trending topics.

Facebook Marketplace’s turn in the Nextdoor Vs. Facebook discussion

Facebook does not need an introduction since it's been around for so long. However, its online marketplace might.

Luckily, it does not require a lot of explanation. Facebook's Marketplace is exactly what it sounds like. An online market for online store-front for businesses.

Users can explore items on sale and browse listings in their area. Facebook shows businesses or items for sale based on the geographical location of a user. Quite similar to Nextdoor, but not completely.

Facebook does not authenticate its users as Nextdoor does.

A user can have several Facebook accounts, whereas a user can only have one Nextdoor account due to the verification processes.

However, Facebook is more widely known outside of the USA. The platform is available in almost 50 countries.

How does Facebook Marketplace help you?

FB Marketplace Layout
Source: Facebook Marketplace app

The Marketplace is designed to give a user a shop-like experience. Therefore, it directly connects the user to the buyer. Even over text, using Facebook Messenger for one-on-one chatting. Since the platform shows local shops, you can boost your conversion rates by marketing locally.

Additionally, Facebook provides several marketing tools, including automated chatbots for businesses. Moreover, it provides access to global audiences since it is present in many counties. Therefore, dental practices outside of the USA can also open a digital storefront in the Marketplace.

Facebook does not get involved in the pricing and quality control of the products. Hence, the seller has complete control of their products. Facebook also does not offer payment options through the company.

Dental practices can list their preferred payment method on their storefront. While there are no signing-up fees, Facebook levies a 5% seller's fee.

The marketplace is an excellent choice for businesses looking to sell their services locally. However, it can be a bit tricky. There is no category specifically for dental products/services or healthcare. Therefore, it can be difficult to list your business.

Additionally, Facebook Marketplace has a strict policy on the sale of certain items. So, you will have to check if your product is prohibited, such as prescription products, drugs, and other medical paraphernalia.

Conclusion to the Nextdoor vs. Facebook question

The Nextdoor vs. Facebook Marketplace is not a new debate and there is no right answer. However, from the perspective of dental clinics, Nextdoor might win this one.

Within the Nextdoor vs. Facebook argument, Nextdoor simply offers more in terms of verification, feedback from local residents, and more scope to grow within a neighborhood.

That being said, when it comes to advertising Facebook can tap into its huge audience irrespective of whether they are active in the marketplace. Hence, we suggest you create an account on both but run paid ads of Facebook first.  

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