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January 12, 2023
January 26, 2024
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In addition to overseeing your dental services and other aspects, you must pay attention to the name you choose for your clinic. The process of choosing a name might be difficult because there are numerous factors to take into account.

How to Make Your Choice

You need to take care that several fundamental requirements are met, including that it should be distinctive, not taken by any other firm, and accurately represent your occupation.

This article will help you determine the name of a dental clinic by the categories it is divided into and the examples it provides.

Naming a Dental Practice

Suffix It Up

One of the simplest and safest ways to name your clinic is by appending suffixes to your profession. You'll undoubtedly come up with something you like if you look up a few suffixes with sensible meanings and pair them with terms like dental, dentist, or tooth etc.

Example: "-ism" means "belief." Add this to your expertise, like “Dentism”. Try with another suffix like "-ical," meaning "having the form of," and you may form "Dentical."

Nature Of Dentistry

Always keep in mind that you should select a name that accurately describes the area of dentistry you are working in. If you practice orthodontics, for instance, you might use the suffix "-ify" to name your practice, such as "Bracify." Use words like smile, kids etc.If you own a teeth-whitening business, you can come up with names incorporating terms like white, spa, shine, gleam, twinkle, etc.

Examples: Twinkle Tooth Spa, Dazzle Smile Spa etc.

Snappy Name

Use imaginative names. You need not be too rational when naming your clinic; instead, be quirky and imaginative. Add some puns to it, but keep in mind to make sure they pertain to your line of work. For instance, if your dental practice is just for women, you may give it a name that refers to gender-specific dental care.

Example: Pearly Girly

Children’s Dental Care Name

If you are a pediatric dentist who only practices pediatric dentistry, you might consider names with these three considerations in mind.

  • Use words to reassure children that going to the dentist won't be scary and that they will be well cared for.
  • Use words that emphasize treating youngsters only.
  • Use words that reflect your field of expertise.

Examples: Teddy Dental Care, Dr. Micky Dentist etc.

Break The Spell

Get playful with the spellings. Write short forms or use symbols and numbers to create names.

Examples: Alpha Dental could be written as “Alfa Dental” or even “⍺ Dental”.


Employing the same letter or same sound  in the beginning of two or three words when used together is called alliteration.

Examples: Divine Dental, Terrific Teeth, Tip-Top-Tooth etc.

Location Based

If your dental practice is in California, you might name it after the city or region it is situated in. Additionally, this would assist in positioning the name of your clinic among the top SEO categories.

Example: CalfDental, DentalFornia etc.

Continued Legacy

If dentistry has been your occupation for generations then you may use the last name of your family in naming your clinic because sometimes along with your great service your name also works wonders in acquiring more patients.

Examples: Wilson Dental Care, Capstone Dental etc.

Rhyme Time

Use memorable and easy-to-remember rhyming terms in the name of your clinic. Using cheerful words to rhyme with names will help your nervous patient relax, and they will remember it just the way we still recall some names back from our childhood.

Examples: Mine Dentine, Fundamental Dental, Central Dental etc.

Although choosing a suitable name for your clinic is crucial, it's also crucial to include a logo, motif, or other visual representation of your profession and the clinic's name.

People occasionally have a tendency to forget the name of your clinic, but they frequently recall the logo they notice. Therefore, in addition to naming your clinic, establish a logo for it.

Things To Remember While Deciding The Name

Dentists at Work
  1. Don't forget to search Google and any other databases where the names of all dental practices are registered when picking the name for your business. Using a name that is already in use might result in time-consuming legal battles and significant financial outlays.
  2. It can be a tricky gambit to name your clinic after yourself. People often aren't very good at remembering names, but a catchy clinic name is easier to recall. On the other hand, you get to improve recognition for yourself locally, as your clinic and your personal brand can go hand-in-hand if the clinic is named after you. It can get complicated though if another dentist with a similar name comes into your area or you want to expand your practice to multiple doctors.
  3. While naming your clinic, keep your patients' feelings in mind. Make sure your patients know they will receive care from you if they choose you by using phrases like smile, happy, family, your, painless, gentle, etc. The name needs to show the clients some emotions and compassion. Example: Smile Family Dentistry
  4. If you can, try to include a tagline; some clever and humorous ones stick in our minds for years and aid in brand recall.
  5. It should be simple to pronounce. If the pronunciation of a name—be it a person's or a company's—is difficult, your patient will undoubtedly forget it. Therefore, keep things straightforward and uncomplicated.

The name you choose for your company is a crucial decision. A name gives you a face that other people can recognize. But choosing a name requires careful thought.

You should take into account what would appeal to your patients, what's trendy, and—most importantly—what could put you in legal hot water if you ignore the suggestions provided in this article.

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