How New Dentists Should Use Facebook Ads

June 30, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Attracting new patients is crucial for the growth of your practice. However, it is not easy to get a new client to step inside for a booking.

So how do you attract new clients? Marketing is your best bet. Facebook Ads is an amazing solution to your marketing problem. That is if you know how to use it.

Facebook Ads is easy to use since the platform has many features designed for businesses. But it can be difficult to get a handle on your Facebook marketing strategy initially. It never hurts to read up on a few Facebook Ads tips. You can use these Facebook Ads tips as a basis for your Facebook Ads strategy.

Here is a list of effective Facebook Ads tips for dental practices:

1. Who is our ideal client and why?

When creating campaigns, the first and foremost task is to know who your audience is. Without a target demographic and ideal client, you do not know who you are trying to bring in.

Facebook can target people who are most likely to convert. Therefore, having a buyer's persona is essential. Down to their interests, hobbies, and behaviors.

Have your customer persona ready. From there, you can go on to create content and ads that will capture their interest and get them to read your ad. Additionally, you can have several target demographics, such as primary, second, and tertiary target audiences. Facebook lets you customize your audiences and save them for future use.

It all comes down to how well you know your clients and audiences at the end of the day. Because you could have the best ad and you won't get any conversion because you target people who do not want/need your services.

2. Personalization and relevance.

Now, once you have your target demographic in place. Next, you need to craft an ad that is tailored to your audiences.

Remember, different people will be in various stages of your conversion funnel. Therefore, you should create ads that read your customers to the next step in the funnel.

Create different ads for your awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns. Having the same ad for all stages of the funnel is lazy marketing and will ultimately waste your marketing budget. Use catchy hooks, give value before you try to make a sale, and always add CTAs.

3. Make the most of Facebook's A/B testing.

One of the best parts of using Facebook Ads for business is their A/B testing feature. With this feature, you can make two versions of your ad and show them to two different segments of your target demographics. An ad has three parts:

  • The visual
  • The content
  • The CTA.

You keen two elements the same and have different third elements. This does three things. One, it makes it easier for you to understand which element performs better. Two, you can test out different elements to see which ones bring the most conversions/action. Three, it gives you marketing data you can use in the future.

4. Give your staff and client testimonials center stage.

Facebook is a platform that is based on community and relationship building. And this is what many businesses harness to make the most of their Facebook Ads. No one likes talking to a brand or a company. However, people relate to other people. And that is why you should think of having your advertisements and campaigns feature your staff and your patients.

Having client testimony can drive your engagement and help foster trust.

Your campaign should focus on what value you brought to your patients instead of the treatments themselves. This way, you are focused on what you can do for your patients instead of what they can do for you.

5. Use all templates and ad types.

Facebook hosts many ad formats and templates that you can use. You should use as many types of ads as possible to make the most out of your budget and the platform. A few types of ads that Facebook uses are:

  • Images (single or multiple)
  • Videos
  • Instant Experience
  • Collections
  • Carousel
  • Stories

Use different ad templates and experiment to see which ones perform well. Videos tend to perform well on Facebook. And ads with good visuals have more impact on metrics.

You can also try out different placements. Plus, Facebook Ads offer Automatic Placement through Ads Manager. With Automatic Placement, Facebook placed your ad optimally using their algorithm to get you the best results.

6. Use BTS and other trends.

Trends are one of the best ways to harness the popularity of viral content. Your participation in trends lets your audience know that you're in the know. Having Facebook and Facebook Ads is a great way to convert clients, but it is not the most efficient way. The more you can humanize your practice, the better your matric and revenue numbers will perform.

You do not have to participate in all the trends, you can pick and choose to your comfort.

Additionally, your videos do not need to be picture-perfect. Although taking great videos comes with experience. This is one of the best ways to connect with your audience because you are not bringing anything new to the table. You are repurposing someone else's work.

Another method to connect is to show BTS (behind-the-scenes) shoots. In addition to educating your audiences, you are also showing them what happened when they are sitting in the chair. You can think of this as a relationship-builder exercise. You simultaneously promote dental education, foster trust, and build relationships.

7. Re-target your demographic with lookalike audiences.

You will have patients who will be a one-time thing. Meaning they only purchase products from you once or they only came in for one appointment.

If you are using Pixel through Ads Manager, then you can easily track these clients and create a demographic for them. Such demographics are called lookalike audiences.

With Facebook, you can create lookalike audiences and re-target them with campaigns tailored to get them back into your clinic. This way you do not lose out on previous clients and it boosts your retention rates. And improved retention rates result in higher LTV and better revenue.

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