Mastering Google Ads for Dental Practices

June 30, 2022
January 26, 2024
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Google Ads is a popular advertisement opinion amongst companies that are looking to convert customers through their website or over the net. With Google Ads, your website or advertisement comes when customers use the keywords you track for.

It is the go-to platform for most businesses in all industries.

Google Ads reports the date/time of the click/action that resulted in the conversion. So, you know exactly what is driving your metrics.

It is a powerful tool for business if used correctly. Therefore, it is important to employ proven Google Ads tips when developing strategies for your dental practice.

Here are a few proven Google Ads tips for new dentists:

1. Start small and build from there.

A big part of marketing is budgeting. And with Google Ads, you can create a campaign for any budget. Google Ads does not work like traditional advertising platforms. You do not pay a certain sum of money to get the ad aired or telecasted. Instead, you pay per action. For example, if your marketing objective is “reach”, then you only pay when someone sees it.

If your marketing objective is engagement, you only pay when someone interacts with your ad.

It is tempting to have a substantial marketing budget to bring in customers, however, you should start small. Have a cap on your marketing investment to understand how the system works. Moreover, having a small budget ensures ‌you do not lose out on capital when you are experimenting with the platform and its features.

If a strategy works for you, then you can increase your budget cap.

2. Zone into your target demographic.

There are advantages to having a specific target demographic. You should know your target demographics well before creating a campaign for them. Because you can only bring value to your customers if you know who they are.

Do not ‌reach every person, because not every person is going to be a potential patient. Trying to reach everyone is only going to dilute your efforts and waste capital.

Your chances of conversion increase when you market to people who want your product or service. This means you should be able to describe your target audience, your secondary audiences, and lookalike audiences.

You can think of one ideal client and build a profile from there. Therefore, be specific about your demographic when you are using Google Ads.

When you have a specific demographic in mind, you can create a campaign that is tailored to get them through the door.

3. Always measure KPIs and metrics.

A marketer's job is not done when they publish a campaign.

KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics are numbers that indicate the success of the campaign.

Google Ads gives you a measure of metrics and shows you which demographics are interacting with your brand. With metrics, you can track your marketing campaign's progress and compare it with other marketing strategies. Additionally, metrics give you the data to understand what is working and why. With the same data, you can also optimize your marketing strategy.

Remember that Google Analytics is a reporting platform. Therefore, it gives you insight into the usage of your platforms, both web, and mobile. You can use these insights to design your strategy to boost your metrics. Moreover, you can compare the metrics for previous marketing campaigns to gain an understanding of the elements that make your campaign a success.

4. Add the call tracking feature.

Google Ads lets you opt-in for call tracking for your practice. This opt-in lets you see how your call ads and location extensions perform. Such data helps you understand which keywords and ads work towards your conventions. Additionally, you get a feel for how you can boost your ROI (return on investment) by optimizing your campaigns.

Phone calls are a crucial metric for dental practices since practices get most of their bookings over calls.

With Google Ads, you can see how your ad prompts people to call your clinic. Additionally, you can set up an automated bid strategy to optimize your marketing campaign for your objective. There are many types of call metrics you can use. Such as calls from ads, calls from your website, and clicking on your phone number on Mobile Google, etc.

5. Bid on location keywords.

Since dental clinics are not online businesses, you need to get your patient to your brick-and-mortar store. This is foot traffic. Plus, most patients will be local, and people rarely fly out to get dental treatment. Additionally, customers look for businesses they have a rapport with. There is no point in seeing clinics in San Francisco when they live in San Jose.

Therefore, you should focus on location-based keywords and local SEO. This way Google will alter search results based on the location of users.

This strategy helps you maximize your reach over the internet for people who are looking for your services. Add keywords such as “best dentists in <location>” or “best dentist in <city>.” Alternatively, you can also add keywords such as “<treatment> in <location/city>.”

6. Optimize your landing page for each ad.

Some businesses will use the same landing page for all of their ads. And this can harm your campaign before it even began.

Landing pages should reflect the content and feel of your ad.

If your ad does not match up with your landing page, customers will think your website is bogus.

Additionally, your landing page is where your customer converts to a paying customer. Hence, you should optimize your landing pages with compelling content that highest your US (unique selling proposition).

Add your contact information, a CTA (call to action), and other relevant information.

Remember that Google Ads is not a quick fix.

Google Ads is like any other marketing platform. It will take time for you to understand how the systems and various processes work. And how you can make them work for you.

Using proven Google Ads tips is one way to start. But you should use a trial-error method when it comes to your strategy. Use what works and remove what does not.

These 6 proven Google Ads tips are a great place to start if you do not know how to proceed. They also make the foundation for your Google Ads strategy.

Having a great strategy in place is imperative to making the most of your Google Ads. Because the only way you reach your ideal client is by knowing who you are targeting and how.

Such proven Google Ads tips will help you set up your strategy and help you understand how to design a Google Ads strategy that will boost your numbers later.

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