17 Popular Holiday Marketing Ideas for Dentists

January 20, 2023
January 26, 2024
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As the holidays are quickly approaching, and you want your dental practice to have a tonne of booked appointments, make use of these holidays to promote your dental conventions and build your clientele.

Holiday Marketing Guide

Let's examine some suggestions for making the most of these vacations and filling your calendar with appointments!

1. Let’s Socialize More

The finest platform for marketing your services and add-ons is social media. Gather all of your greatest services this winter, along with any extra bonuses you intend to provide your clients, and put them online (keep the matter short and crisp). Additionally, you might place paid advertisements on numerous websites.

Decorate it and share it on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube, among others.

2. Use Your Website As Your Tool

For this, you ought to have an impressive website of your own. Make it more user-friendly and handy. During the holidays, add some more colors to make it pop. You may post content like:

  • Post gift hampers for dental care: Offer your patients gift hampers containing a variety of toothbrushes, floss, teeth whiteners, candies (sugar-free), etc which they may gift their loved ones.
  • Post your fun time stories: To add a personal touch, post videos, and pictures of the office party or celebration you had.
  • Post dental health tips: Post a regime to follow dental care during these vacations for your customers. Also provide some hacks for any dental issue your patients may face.

3. Give Away an Extra Discount

Make these holidays budget-friendly for your patients. Offer great discount deals on “ALL” your services. Offer substantial discounts on any products you offer at your clinic as well.

4. Mail It Out

Send emails to your patients with birthday, anniversary, or holiday greetings, your exclusive offers, discounted dental products or services, necessary information or dental healthcare tips, etc.

5. Design Exclusive Offers/ Services

Impress your patients by providing them with exclusive, customized dental services. You all must be aware about Know Your Customer, and design dental packages for each patient of yours on discounted rates such as teeth cleaning or whitening, root canaling, filling, etc.

6. Surprise Your Customer

When they make appointments for your clinic during the holidays, surprise your clients by giving them goodie bags, little presents, or even discount coupons.

7. Make It Free

Everyone enjoys free stuff! Therefore, send it by mail, post it, or stick it. Promote the idea that your clinic will provide free treatments to your cherished patients when they schedule an appointment during this period of time everywhere you can. Remember to include "For Limited Period Only"!

8. Message And Whatsapp

Another good way to contact them directly is through WhatsApp or Message. You may text them to remind them of meetings, wish them a happy vacation, or let them know about promotions they can take advantage of.

9. Reward Your Patients

  • This vacation, organize a small appreciation event for your patients who have spread the word about your services.
  • To do this, first enlist their crucial assistance by sending them notifications on their phones, social media, or your website to spread the news about your services.
  • Aim to show your deserving patients a mandatory amount of gratitude after the recommendations have scheduled appointments.

10. Sponsor and Participate

We learn about local businesses after often seeing their names in sponsorships, commercials, or at events. For this, you might sponsor neighborhood fundraisers or events at churches or other venues, or you might take part in local events with your staff to attract greater attention from the community.

11. Post Greeting Cards

Yes! It may sound dated, but in this era of digitization, go papery! Post Christmas, Thanksgiving, or new year greeting cards or calendars (along with your visiting cards and service brochures) to your neighbors and all your patients would make them feel appreciated.  

12. Plan A Celebration

Plan a brief, informal celebration at your clinic or wherever is appropriate. Prepare some snacks, thank-you gifts, and enjoyable activities for your patients. Add a personal touch and inform them of your newest deals and services.

13. Collaborate With Local Business

Collaborating with nearby establishments like cafes, restaurants, salons, gyms, spas, comic book shops, etc. will help your patients enjoy this holiday season more. If your consumers use one another's services, you could refer them to the other for discounts or perhaps some freebies.

14. Conduct Q&A Online

You can conduct live sessions answering all the dental issues questions your patients have these holidays. This will give your potential patients an opportunity to interact with you and understand your demeanor. You can use webinars or go Live on YouTube/Instagram to do such Q&A. It's also a good idea to appear at local events for such Q&A sessions.

15. Work On Your SEO Optimization

This new year, make it your resolution to top the SEO list. Do some homework on search engine optimization for your website and try to rank highly whenever your patient searches regarding any dental issue or the best dental clinic. Here are some tips:

  • A quick loading time and mobile friendliness should be priorities for your website.
  • In your headings and content, include keywords (ideally more local keywords).
  • Avoid using the same keywords or headings as other websites because this would make them compete for the same material, thus pushing your website to the second page.
  • Create accounts on the applications that people use to schedule appointments with doctors.

16. Get Listed On Google Business

If you haven’t yet got your dental clinic listed on Google Business then do it ASAP. This will help your patient know and find out about your clinic better and fast. Don't forget to mention the proper address along with:

  • landmark
  • visiting hours
  • concerned people contacts
  • images of your clinic
  • overview or brief description of your services
  • reviews etc.

17. Review Matters

It’s extremely important to have your patient’s valuable feedback. This will not only enhance your quality of service, but the positive feedback will also improve your ranking. You can have reviews at:

  • All social platforms like Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google reviews
  • Your own website
  • Feedback book at your office

These are some marketing suggestions that could assist you in growing your clientele and scheduling as many appointments as possible over the holiday season. I genuinely hope that you have the happiest holiday season possible. Please share any other effective marketing suggestions you may have.

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