How Twitter can help your healthcare practice grow

Twitter has become a key part of any brand’s online marketing strategy as there are tons of thought leaders and influencers on Twitter who can help a brand gain momentum on social media and attract more customers. Organizations are able to target and engage in a meaningful dialogue with their target audience. Small to medium businesses and healthcare practices are no different.

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How can patient feedback help in improving your healthcare practice?

The profession of healthcare is a vast one. It has various streams with their individual line of working, dedicated towards catering to specific needs of patients. However, if you’re a doctor or a dentist, how would you know that you’re doing a good job? How would you make sure that your patients are completely happy and satisfied with the treatment? Confusing, isn’t it?

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Search Engine Optimization Guide

Have you ever wondered how Google prioritizes the results when you search for a particular keyword? Google often displays millions, or probably even billions of results when you use its search engine.

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