Did you know that there are a few extensions that can help you to improve your dental search ads? These extensions will provide valuable information about the performance of your ad campaigns and allow you to test different strategies. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these search ad extensions work and why they should always be used for your dental ads.


What are Search Ad Extensions, and how do they work?

All About Dental Marketing eBookIf you’re not familiar with ad extensions, they are a way for advertisers to enhance their text ad impressions by including an additional element. The most popular extension is the “Call Now” button which allows people that see your ad on Google search or in mobile apps to call directly. You can also use click-to-schedule buttons, so potential customers have instant access to making an appointment online without ever leaving the site.

For dental campaigns, you especially need extensions that can increase your CTR (Click Through Rate), lower your CPC (Cost Per Click), and increase your overall ROI.

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1. Location Extension

Location extension is a great way to strategically market your dental office. It places your dental office address below your ad so patients can quickly see your location. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves patients from wasting time on clicking through and finding the wrong address. Connecting your Google My Business account with your Adwords is easy; all that’s required is choosing location extensions in order for an ad to appear as being right around the corner of potential customers.

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2. Sitelink Extensions

Call Out - Promotion - Search Ad Extension for Dentist

Image source: Marin Dental Care

Sitelinks are a great way to drive traffic from your ad directly to the page of interest. They appear at the top right-hand corner of ads (besides the price) and allow you to link multiple versions of your landing pages together in one click. For example, if you have two dentist offices with different hours or locations, it can be difficult for potential clients to find which office will work best for them – but by adding site link extensions that point out this information on each dental services page individually, they’ll know exactly which location is most convenient for their needs without having to search through all the content again.

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3. Call Extensions

Call - Promotion - Search Ad Extension for Dentist

Image source: West Richard Family Dental Care

Call extension enables you to add a phone number to your ad that will lead consumers to call for more information. Include this extension if you want the phone number of your dental office in search results when someone searches on “dentist.” This can be very valuable because it lets people know that there is an option to get help with their dental needs by picking up the phone and not only emailing or visiting your website.

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4. Structured Snippet Extensions

Structed Snippet - Promotion - Search Ad Extension for Dentist

Image source: American Dental Solutions

Structured snippets are a good way to increase your click-through rate. They are used to provide more information about a topic on the search engine results page without clicking on that result. Structured Snippet Extensions allow you to add keywords, phrases, or links within the text of your post so that Google will use these in their search results. To put structured snippets into place for Dental Search Ads, you would add markup around specific content with Structured Snippet Extensions.

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5. Promotion Extensions

Promotion - Search Ad Extension for Dentist

Image Source: Aspen Dental

The promotion extension is perfect for highlighting any discounts you have going on or things like special promos and giveaways. You can add certain details about the promotion within this filter, such as when it starts, how long it will last, what services are included in the discount, etc. The feature also has a place to include promo codes that customers can use to get a discounted price. This will ensure that people who click your ads know all of the available deals and promotions and they’ll be able to take advantage of them. This can help dramatically increase your ad’s CTR and improve ROI.

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The Bottom Line

When you are marketing your dental services online, it is important to include a few key extensions in order to get the most out of your search ads. We hope these tips have helped you to create a killer dental ad campaign. Remember, the subject matter of your ads should be engaging and relevant for people as well.

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