Your dental practice is a business and as such you need to find the best employees for your needs. The internet is full of websites that can help you find one. They either have a place on their site where the candidate can post your resume and cover letter, or they provide an application form with contact information so you don’t have to spend hours searching in vain. 

This blog post will highlight some of the top sites for hiring dental assistants, hygienists, and other staff members. There are many great companies that offer these services so take a look at them to see which one can meet your needs.

All About Dental Marketing eBook1. Cloud Dentistry

Cloud dentistry is a marketplace for all dental talent. You find talented employees for part-time, full-time, or even temporary positions. And the best part is that there are no placement fees or markups. Cloud dentistry has created a marketplace so it doesn’t work as a hiring agency. You can find the right fit by going through their database of hygienists, dental assistants, front office members, dentists, and specialists. The platform also verifies for qualification and certification before accepting a profile so that you are ensured of quality profiles.

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2. Pair Dental

Pair Dental is a US-based platform that specializes in connecting dental practice owners with dental specialists to help them form a long-term partnership and create an in-house specialty experience for patients. From the initial inquiry to the completion of the first specialty treatment, their experienced administrative team will guide you through every step. Not only do they specialize in finding dental specialists, but they also ensure all instruments and supplies are on the site for a successful start.

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3. Monster

Posting your job opening online at one of the major job classifieds networks is typically the quickest approach to find a new dental associate or hygienist. Monster can assist you in finding suitable applicants for the position so that you may contact them and invite them to apply. The site uses criteria you define to filter resumes, so you’ll only see candidates that fulfill your criteria. Monster also charges a small one-time fee instead of a monthly subscription, but be cautioned: Not all resumes will stay in your queue for 30 days. So if you need to post the job opening longer than a month, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee after the first month has passed.

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4. ADA Career Centre

ADA Career Center is a job listing board that comes from the American Dental Association and is highly regarded in the industry. The only thing to bear in mind is that there is a fee to list a position on this job board, owing to its status as the ADA’s major work platform. The charge to publish a job begins at $250 per month. If you desire your ad to appear higher in search results, you may pay more.

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5. Dental Post

Another premium dental job listing website is DentalPost. Basic temp employment opportunities begin at $89 per year, while a basic job advertisement begins at $99 each year. This website connects you with a network of more than 850,000 dental professionals. There’s also an option to do a resume search. This allows you to browse through the resumes submitted by job seekers.

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6. Indeed

Indeed makes finding new applicants for your dental practice simpler with a straightforward three-step procedure. Post your job using Indeed’s suggestions to differentiate yourself from other employment opportunities, and then use the site’s tools to evaluate resumes, narrow down your search, schedule and conduct interviews, and extend offers of employment. Indeed has a flexible payment system that is designed to give you the best value.

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7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor allows companies to advertise openings and enables current and former employees to provide feedback about their experience working for a firm. While you can’t influence the type of reviews you receive, if you have a fantastic workplace, your workers will be more inclined to give you high ratings on Glassdoor, making your employer profile more appealing to top prospects.

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8. Dental Staffing

With Dental Staffing employers have to pay to list a job, but the pricing is much more competitive than most of the other paid options on the list. Annual membership is just $169 and gives you unlimited listings, or each listing is $99 for 60 days with discounted renewals. Choosing to list your opening on a website like Dental Staffing is that you will attract people with experience in the dental profession. 

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The Bottom Line

We hope you found our list of top dental practice staffing agencies to be helpful. Investing in these services now could save you time, money, and headache down the road. You’ve invested so much into building up your business; don’t leave it to chance by neglecting this important aspect of dentistry! Take some time today to explore what we have available for you and see how these options can help take care of all aspects of attracting new patients.

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